The Second Rebellion

Bartol Torn ruled for only 2 years until he had to face another rebellion. This time it started in Sorrgrad, where his son Sylvan was, allegedly with his fiancee. But that was not the case. Sylvan was with a few army officers and some of his friends, discussing the plan of action for the new rebellion. National holidays were approaching so they decided that was the ideal time to strike.

The second rebellion started with an event. Prince Sylvan was holding a toast with the mayor of Sorrgrad, a cruel and hated tyrant, but also a good friend of his father. As they were rising their cups, the prince drew a knife and killed the mayor, yelling “Freedom to Redell!”. The word of prince Sylvan standing up against his father and rising another rebellion spread faster then any news ever has, and very soon people in other cities started taking over their local governments and joining in the fight against the tyrant king Bartol Torn.

But the king did not wait to react. He sent his troops to Sorrgrad as soon as he heard the news. The rebel army was at this point still much smaller then the royal army, but they managed to win in the battle for Sorrgrad, the first of 3 great battles that marked this war.

Prince Sylvan, who was wounded in the battle for Sorrgrad, ordered his troops to move out west, toward Findurhall. They had to pass through the city of Jumno, the third largest city in Redell. The royal army has sent more troops to Sorrgrad, and they were also passing through Jumno. The rebel army managed to strike first and defeat the royal army once again.

The king found out that on their way to Amuz, the rebels will stop for supplies and to regroup with reinforcements from the north in the city of Findurhall. He sent his remaining forces to Findurhall and has ordered them to kill everyone. The two armies engaged little outside of Findurhall where the rebel army has set camp. The rebels, with the recovered prince defeated the royal army the final third time. They knew that Amuz would be unguarded and that they could easily march in, so they went north to capture the capital and put a stop to king Bartol’s cruel reign.

The rebels had no challenge entering Amuz. They started a search for the king, as he was nowhere to be found. It took the rebels one week to find him. The rebel soldiers that found him killed Bartol while trying to arrest him. Sylvan took over Redell and was crowned king, thus ending the second rebellion. He was 19 at the time.

The Second Rebellion

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