The Doverhall War

In Doverhall, the capital of the Durrin region of Redell, lived a kind dwarf whose name was Conall Suibhen. He was a respected healer, priest and teacher in Doverhall. He lived with his wife and four children little outside of Doverhall itself. It was year 471.

One Sunday afternoon Conall was correcting a paper on the porch, when a strange noise came out of the forest his house was overlooking. Conall did not make much of it at first, but when it happened again, this time louder, he decided to go to town and ask his good friend Gordon Hall, the hunter and local forester for advice on the matter. So he took his coat and told his family not to worry and that he would be right back. He arrived in town and sought his friend out and found him in his favorite inn, having a drink with some traveling merchants. He explained the situation to Gordon, but he did not know what to make of the noises at all. He has never heard anything similar. Gordon took his bow, and they were on their way back to Conall’s house. When they returned the house was in flames and they could see some bodies in the field toward the forest. Those were three of Conall’s children, his wife and youngest child were found dead in the house after the fire was put out. They were killed by weapon, a blade of some kind, but a type they have never seen before. After the burial, Gordon and Conall geared up and went to the forest to look for the murderers.

They camped in the forest for two weeks, but found nothing. They decided to go back to town for more supplies. As they were exiting the forest, they saw strange tracks. They were feet, but too small for a human, and to thin for a dwarf or gnome, and yet too large for a halfling. They returned to town with a sketch of the track. They presented it to other rangers, foresters, hunters and scientists, but no one seemed to have seen something like that in their lives. They sent the sketch and an explanation to the University of Amuz.

A few weeks later a delegation of Amuz scientists arrived at Doverhall, accompanied by heavily armed guards. They explained how the track they found is an elven track, and that these savages are known to be very dangerous. It was assumed that there were no elves in Redell since the second king Lucius Germovski ordered the army to annihilate them. They were here to assure that if the savages appear again, proper measures were taken. They stayed at Doverhall for the next 2 months, but nothing seemed to happen until one night. The city and the Amuz guard saw fire coming from a guard post near the forest. They went there to see what happened, expecting a fight with the savages, but were tricked. The elves lured them out of town assuming that the guards would rush out to a fight leaving Doverhall asleep and fairly unprotected. They were right. The elves then rushed into Doverhall slaughtering anyone they could reach without any mercy. The guards, realizing they were tricked, ran back to town, but were greatly outnumbered and in the chaos they were so distracted, by the massacred bodies of men, women and children in the streets, that they didn’t prove a challenge for the elves at all. Conall and Gordon stood their ground at the center of the city trying to protect some surviving families, but were finally overrun by the elves. They fought bravely and did not lose hope till the very end. In their honor, a statue was built later, and put in the central square of Doverhall.

When king Ferdinand Oberhall found out about this slaughter, he assembled the army and marched to Doverhall with one legion. He did not, however, know the numbers of the elves. So when he arrived near the city, he set his gaze upon a vast, well organized elven army, waiting for them. The battle did not last long, and the king and his entire legion were killed.

The king’s eldest son, prince Han Oberhall, now the leader of the army, declared a full scale war upon the elves and lead the army to face the fierce elves. They engaged the elves just outside of Durrin. The battles continued for the next 7 months, until the elves were finally defeated near the city of Vollheim. The elves were banished from Redell, and have not returned since.

The Doverhall War

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